Welcome to NCAGS!

NATO has established NCAGS to support military operations which may influence on civilian shipping.

NCAGS will provide support to military commanders and civilian shipping in peacetime, tension, crisis and conflict.

Benefits for civilian shipping

  1. Enhanced safety and security
  2. Reduced delays when transiting through military areas of operation
  3. Continued operation of commercial maritime transport system
  4. Improved threat response
  5. Enhanced understanding of military constraints
  6. Potensial for reduced war-risk premiums

Benefits for military commanders

  1. A more comprehensive picture of merchant shipping activity, movements and positions (MSA)
  2. Reduced interference between commercial shipping and military operations (deconfliction)
  3. Enhanced Safety and Security
  4. Improved effectiveness of military operations
  5. Enhanced understanding of commercial shipping constraints
  6. Improved counter-terrorism capability

NATO has released a non-classified publication which covers the relationship with civilian shipping. The publication "NAVAL CO-OPERATION AND GUIDANCE FOR SHIPPING MANUAL (NCAGS) - GUIDE TO OWNERS, OPERATORS, MASTERS AND OFFICERS" and other relevant publications are placed in the "Downloads" section

For additional information, please follow the link to the NATO Shipping Centre .

For NCAGS officers who would like access to the password protected area, please contact your national Staff Officer NCAGS, or forward a request directly to the webmaster.

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